Voting Rules

We are happy that you cast out your vote! You automatically have a chance at winning one of the unique and amazing products of the Top 5 that participate in the Consumer Award! Pick your favorite but please note our voting rules:

The following are not permitted *:

  • Calls to vote on a nominated product via websites, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, mailings etc. are allowed with the exception of doing this using giveaways or win promotions.
  • It is not allowed to vote more than once on one product in one category.
  • It is not allowed to vote more than once from the same IP address or by bypassing this constraint (i.e. foreign voting services).
  • It is not allowed to provide factually incorrect contact information or email addresses.
  • It is not allowed to use a temporary (catch-all) email address for either voting or application.

Only votes coming from a Dutch or Belgian IP-address will be considered. Foreign IP-addresses will be filtered and are not allowed to participate in voting.

* The organization of the Baby Innovation Award has the right to test each participation for fairness. If misuse is detected, it will lead to irrevocable disqualification, deletion of illegitimate votes or blocking of profiles.