Negenmaandenbeurs consumer award

Consumer Award

An important part of the election is the Consumer Award. This is a extraordinary prize set up and awarded in cooperation with the Negenmaandenbeurs. All nominated entries in the categories are eligible.

Consumer Award procedure

Once your product has been nominated, you will receive an invitation from the organization to the Mum & Dad Juryday to demonstrate your product. For this day, mothers, fathers and influencers from all over the country are invited. They evaluate all nominated products and give points. A few weeks before the Negenmaandenbeurs it will be possible to vote online for these nominated products via the site and later on at the Negenmaandenbeurs.

Product demonstration

During this Mum & Dad Juryday you as a supplier will have the opportunity to demonstrate your product live to mothers and receive direct feed back. This is the perfect way for you as a manufacturer or supplier to obtain valuable information!

The winner of the Consumer Award will be decided as follows:

The Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award will be determined by 50% of the online votes shortly before and at the fair and 50% of the Mum & Dad Juryday. After that, visitors of the Negenmaandenbeurs can bring out their votes online on a top 5 after which the winner will be determined. The award ceremony of this prize will take place on the last day of the Negenmaandenbeurs.

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