Green Award

baby innovation green award

The Green Award is a prize for entrepreneurs in the babyproduct industry who take progressive steps in developing new products with sustainability in mind. These organisations distinguish themselves as a leader in circular economy, fair trade, with the use of no harmful substances in the production process and sustainable energy. Judges will look for a specific sustainable product or process in the babyproduct industry.

Judging Green Award

The Green Award is an extra award for which you can qualify. You have to register for a certain category and can also tick the box ‘Green Award’ when registering. A description is also asked as to why you believe you are eligible for this prize. Specify in particular your certificates and or test reports. A Green Award specialist then reviews all the entries and advises the jury which products and initiatives are eligible for this prize. The jury ultimately decides which products are nominated and determines a winner.

Criteria for the Green Awards

To select the candidates for the Green awards, the jury looks at the R-ladder and how a brand performs on it.

  1. REDUCE: don’t buy anything you don’t need. In principle, all production is polluting. We also look at whether products really add something, or whether something new has been invented that you don’t actually need.
  2. REUSE: reusing products, ensuring that a product remains in circulation for as long as possible. Reusing a product is always more sustainable than buying something new ‘sustainable’.
  3. REFURBISH: can parts be repaired, so that the product is in new condition again? In this way, the life of the product is extended.
  4. RECYCLE: recycling raw materials is at the very bottom of the R ladder. Recycled packaging or raw materials are great initiatives, but this still has a very large impact on the environment and is only just above the disposal or incineration of products.

The Green Award is an incentive prize and confirmation that you are doing the right thing as a brand. The Green Award is a professional jury prize, the jury nominates and appoints a winner.

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baby innovation green award