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About the Award Show

The Baby Innovation Award show is the largest annual event for the baby-product market, offering not only extraordinary awards but also a lot of media coverage. This election is organized by the trade magazine BabyWereld in association with the Negenmaandenbeurs. It is not compulsory to participate in the Negenmaandenbeurs and non-participants are also invited to participate.

Why enter the award show?

Entering the competition means you have a chance of winning on of the prestigious awards that will open many doors. You can count on more brand awareness, a lot of media coverage, both print and online and thus giving you a head start in sales. A product with this logo works as a quality mark: it creates trust and gives you a competitive edge! By participating, you can expect:

  • Exclusive use of the ‘Nominated’ or ‘Winner’ logo.
  • The chance of winning the Baby Innovation Award in 6 categories. Also a chance to win the Green Award, Design Award and Consumer Award.
  • 2 admission tickets for a festive award ceremony during the Industry Dinner and the networking meeting of the Amsterdam Baby Week (or we offer an alternative program).
  • A place at the Baby Innovation Award stand of the Negenmaandenbeurs (more than 30,000 visitors).
  • A listing on the sites Baby Innovation (216.000 visitors and 918,000 event tracking a year) and the Negenmaandenbeurs (603.000 visitors, 33.000 Facebook and 11.000 Instagramfans)
  • Broad media coverage via the trade magazine BabyWereld (site: 505,000 visitors and 14,400,000 event tracking a year, print: 2,000 copies, 3,700 newsletter addresses), Negenmaandenbeurs (database 67.000).
  • An expert assessment of your product by a professional jury.
  • A live demonstration during the Mum & Dad Juryday with direct feedback from mothers, fathers and influencers.

Furthermore, as a nominee and/or winner you can count on the PLUS PACKAGE

  • Landing page for your nominated product.
  • Free media kit with digital logos and expressions for use in print, online and social media.
  • Free post on extensive social media channels: FB, Insta, Pinterest, i.c.w. social media agency.
  • Are you a startup? Then we will create a free Starter Story for your product introduction on the Baby Innovation Award site!
  • 50% discount on a giveaway for your product via our socials after announcing winners of the competition.

Need help with the next step?

We can further unburden you with media tips and findings, please ask us for more information:

  • Post ‘Spotted by babytrendwatcher’ with our expertise and feedback on your product on all social media.
  • Consultation about all the ins and outs of the baby market.
  • Consultation on ‘How to determine the next step after the election’ by a specialized coach.

The categories of the Baby Innovation Award Competition

The election consists of 6 categories:
1. Mobility | 2. Travel & Safety | 3. Feeding | 4. Care |5. Furniture & Decoration | 6. Toys & Gifts
Attached to the the registration form, you will find an enumeration of products falling under a certain category.
In addition to these awards, you have a chance of winning the Green and Design Award (jury prizes) and the Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award.

Award show procedure

November 3, 2023: deadline for application
Application of your product via the site in one of the seven categories. You automatically make a chance to win the Design Award and Consumer Award.

November 14: the professional jury decided on the nominations
During the expert jury day, the nominations for each category will be designated. The professional jury consists of a team of experts from several disciplines.

January 17, 2024: Mum & Dad Juryday
On behalf of the Negenmaandenbeurs, mothers, fathers and influencers from all over the country come to assess the nominations and give points. As a nominee, you will have the opportunity during this day to demonstrate your product live and receive valuable feedback immediately.

February 1 – 17: online voting
From the 1st of February till February 14 and at the fair itself till February 17 on a top 5, casting your vote online is possible for the Consumer Award.
Consumers will be given the chance of winning one of the nominated products.

February 14: deciding the winners and ceremony
Category Awards: the professional jury nominates the candidates, category winners will be determined by 60% professional jury and by 40% Mum & Dad Juryday.
Consumer Award: this is determined by 50% Mum & Dad Juryday, 50% online voting and at the Negenmaandenbeurs. After that, visitors of the Negenmaandenbeurs can bring out their votes online on a top 5 after which the winner will be determined. Award ceremony will take place on the last day of the fair.

Entry fees

A registration fee is required for participation. This includes logistical costs, elaboration of the given information, making a jury file, explanation and presentation during the professional jury day, possible storage up to the jury days and Negenmaandenbeurs, co-organizing the Mum& Dad Juryday and Baby Innovation Award pavilion at the Negenmaandenbeurs.

The fee for entering a product amounts to EUR 295.
In case of nomination, an additional contribution of EUR 995 will be requested.
We can offer start ups a discount, please get in touch with us for more information.

Application and entering the product

Your application and product must be received by the organization BEFORE NOVEMBER 3. It is possible to enter more products.
Address: BabyWereld BV, Frederik van Eedenlaan 2, 1262 AB Blaricum, The Netherlands.
Make sure your product is ready to be presented and add important product information and test reports if available. For technically complex products such as strollers, car seats and baby monitors, a request may be made for a short demonstration during the expert jury day.

Questions? Call or mail us at
For further information please refer to the regulations.

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