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The Baby Innovation Award show is the largest annual event for the baby-product market, offering not only extraordinary awards but also incorporating a lot of media coverage. This competition is organized by the trade magazine BabyWereld in association with the Negenmaandenbeurs.

These are the benefits for the nominee or winner:

  • Exclusive use of the ‘Nominated’ or ‘Winner’ logo.
  • The chance of winning the Baby Innovation Award in 7 categories including the Green Award. Also a chance to win Design Award and Consumer Award.
  • Admission tickets for a festive award ceremony during the Industry Dinner and the networking meeting of the Amsterdam Baby Week (adjusted program due to corona).
  • A spot at the Baby Innovation Award stand of the Negenmaandenbeurs.
  • A listing on the sites of the Negenmaandenbeurs and Baby Innovation Award.
  • Broad media attention through the trade magazine BabyWereld, Negenmaandenbeurs and press releases.
  • A live demonstration during Mama Jurydag with direct feedback from mothers and influencers.
  • A mediakit with digital logos and expressions for use in print, online and social media.

If there is no physical fair in February due to corona problems, the Negenmaandenbeurs will take place as a virtual event. Participating brands can be confident that adequate attention is paid to their products.


Timeline 2020/2021

March 16, 2021
Deadline entering competition

March 23, 2021
Professional jury decides on nominations

June 2, 2021:
Mums Jury Day

May 17 – June 4:
Voting online

June 9 2021:
Deciding winnners and ceremony

View winners of 2020! (in Dutch)


‘The most valuable part of our participation was all the positive but also very interesting feedback we received from the moms jurymeeting and at the Negenmaandenbeurs. Consumers recognized the product and saw that we had won the prize and were even more enthusiastic. It gives us more insight into the motivation of the consumer what they think is important and what they pay attention to. Our participation has enabled us to position Coral even better as an innovative product.’
Lauren van Schijndel, Trade Marketing Manager Dorel Juvenile
‘They already visited our Kolfplein at the Negenmaandenbeurs to see the new breast pump and we have also received many reactions on social media. Winning the prize, which has gained a name in the industry after all these years, is a nice reward for the hard work you put into your products as a manufacturer. It generates positive attention from not only consumers, but also from retailers, colleagues and other stakeholders in the baby industry.’
Anita van der Heijden, Marketing & Communication Manager at Medela Benelux BV
‘We are very happy with the Baby Innovation Award for our Evolux nursing table. The reactions we received from the professional jury, and subsequently from customers, were therefore positive. This is the crowning glory of our hard work and a reward for our appreciation for innovation, design and safety. This award gave an extra boost to the reputation of the Evolux. We recognize this recognition enormously and are proud of every deserved award we receive!’
Cédric Rodrigues, Head of International Sales Childhome

‘The consumer journey of a stroller or buggy is 7 months long, so it is never clear for what reasons the consumer makes a decision. Fortunately, we did receive many positive reactions from our network! So this was especially a nice PR story for the Ant to tell the story behind it.’

Anne Mestrom, Global Communications Manager Bugaboo
‘Our sustainable toy brand MODU won no less than two Baby Innovation Awards. As a distribution company, we were naturally already very enthusiastic about MODU’s modular blocks, but this recognition from the general public is very valuable to us. We are proud to distribute MODU within the Benelux, and we are pleased that so many children (and their parents!) love these modular toy blocks!’
Hanne Luyten, Sales en marketing Babymatters
‘At the Negenmaandenbeurs I thought it was really cool to be able to hang the sign on the stand and to show that we not only think we have a nice innovative product, but that this has also been underlined by an award. As a startup, it is great to receive such an honorable award, it confirms that we are on the right track and that we are being seen.’
Louise Boeree, Oprichter van Dusq

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Your best baby idea

Do you have a fresh and innovative idea for a product that is both unique and addresses a tricky problem? Let us know! Together, we will work to consider its viability and maybe your product will be the next big thing!

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Your best baby idea

Do you have a fresh and innovative idea for a product that is both unique and addresses a tricky problem? Let us know! Together, we will work to consider its viability and maybe your product will be the next big thing!

More info