The annual Baby Innovation Award election is organized by the trade magazine BabyWereld. The professional jury will select the nominations from all entries. After this, consumers can vote for one of the nominated products at the special Mums Juryday and online. It is not compulsory to participate in the Negenmaandenbeurs, and non-participants are also invited to participate.
The category winners (including the Green Award for the most sustainable product) are determined by 50% of the expert jury votes and 50% of the Mums Juryday votes. The Design Award for the best design is designated by the professional jury.
The Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award winner is determined by 50% of the online voters shortly before and at the fair and 50% of the Mums Juryday. All nominated and winning products will be exhibited at the Negenmaandenbeurs. The presentation of the Category Awards takes place shortly before or at the Negenmaandenbeurs. The presentation of the Consumer Award will take place on the last day of the fair. There will be an adjusted program due to corona and rules of the Dutch RIVM, communicated to participants in April 2021.


Entry is possible in 6 categories:
1. Mobility: strollers, buggies, car seats, children’s bicycle seats, baby slings and baby carriers.
2. Travel and Safety: baby alarms, security equipment, stair gates, travel cots and products for a safe sleeping environment.
3. Feeding: food products, nutrition, sterilizer and kitchen appliances.
4. Care: bath and hygiene articles, maternity articles, daily care articles, sleeping bags and wrapping blankets.
5. Furniture and Decoration: baby rooms, cradles, playpens, baby chairs, rocking chairs, baby room furnishings, accessories, mattresses, play and playpen blankets.
6. Toys and Gifts: baby and toddler toys, (maternity) gifts, educational products.


In November, a professional jury evaluates all entries and announces nominations. The jury is composed of representatives and experts from the baby-product market, consumer organizations and the media. Veiligheid.NL is an independent knowledge institute and has an advisory role in the election. If a jury member is involved in the production or communication of a submitted product, he or she has no voting rights for this category. The chairman does not have the right to vote. Then there will be a Mums Juryday in January, co-organized by the Negenmaandenbeurs. Here, all nominated articles are reviewed by mothers. Finally, consumers can vote for all nominated products online via the site and at the Negenmaandenbeurs.

Promotion and publicity

When you enter, you can expect considerable promotion and publicity:

  • Exclusive use of the ‘Nominated’ or ‘Winner’ logo .
  • The chance of winning the Baby Innovation Award in 7 categories including the Green Award. Also the chance of winning the Design Award and Consumer Award.
  • Admission tickets for a festive award ceremony during the Industry Dinner and the networking meeting of the Amsterdam Baby Week. There will be an adjusted program due to corona and rules Dutch RIVM.
  • A spot at the Baby Innovation Award stand of the Negenmaandenbeurs.
  • Listing on the sites of the Negenmaandenbeurs and Baby Innovation Award.
  • Broad media coverage through the trade magazine BabyWereld, Negenmaandenbeurs and press releases.
  • Live demonstration during Mums Juryday with direct feedback from mothers and influencers.
  • A mediakit with digital logos and expressions for use in print, online and social media.

Voting procedure control

The organization of the Baby Innovation Award has the right to check the correctness of every entry and online voting. If abuse is found, this will irrevocably lead to disqualification of the election.

Making the product available

In order to encourage online voting to determine the winner of the Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award, you need to make 1 product available. These products are raffled by the organization among the online voters.

Product liability

BabyWereld and the Negenmaandenbeurs in Amsterdam RAI do everything in their power to prevent theft of or damage to the baby products on display, but neither party can be held liable for theft of or damage to the products.

Returning products

The non-nominated products must be collected within one month. Costs may be charged for returning the product to the sender. Uncollected products will be used by the organization for other purposes, if not indicated by the sender.

Intellectual property rights

In case of doubt about the intellectual property rights, the organization reserves the right to refuse an entered product or to withdraw the nomination. This is the case if the intellectual property rights are challenged or if there is an imminent lawsuit.


BabyWereld bv is the organizer of the Baby Innovation Award show.  Correspondence address: BabyWereld bv, Baby Innovation Award, Postbus 151, 1270 AD Huizen, tel. 0031-35-5242398, The address for shipping and delivery of products is Frederik van Eedenlaan 2, 1262 AB Blaricum.

Complaints and suggestions

For complaints or suggestions regarding the Baby Innovation Award election, please contact the organization:

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