The Baby Innovation Award show is organized by the trade magazine BabyWereld in association with the Negenmaandenbeurs. During the professional jury all contestants will have a chance of being nominated for the next phase, where consumers can pick their favorites by casting their votes on the Mama Juryday and digitally on Next to the category awards for the best babyproducts, participants also make chance to win the Green Award for the most sustainable product, the Design Award for the best design and the Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award. Also non participants in the Negenmaandenbeurs are invited to participate in this election.
The category awards will be determined by 50% of the professional jury votes and 50% of the points of the Mums Jurymeeting. For the Consumer Award mums determine the top 5 and give points. This award will be determined by 50% of the votes of the Mums Juryday and 50% of the online voting which will take place before and on the Negenmaandenbeurs. All nominated and winning products will be exhibited at the Innovation pavilion of the Negenmaandenbeurs. The award ceremony will take place short before or on the Negenmaandenbeurs. The award ceremony of the Consumer Award will take place on the last day of the show.


Products can be entered for 6 categories:

  1. Mobility: strollers, prams, car seats, bicycle seats.
  2. Travel and safety: baby monitors, safety oriented products, stairgates, travel beds, baby carriers, carrier wraps.
  3. Feeding: food related items, babyfood, sterilizers and kitchen appliances.
  4. Care: bath and hygiene related products, maternity products, nursing products, sleeping bags and wrappers.
  5. Furniture and Decoration: furniture for nursery rooms, decoration items, cradles, cribs, booster seats or high chairs, rocking chairs, matrasses, play mats.
  6. Toys and Gifts: baby and toddler toys, maternity presents, educative products.

It is also possible to enter a sustainable product for the Green Award. All entries have a chance of winning the Design Award and Consumer Award.

Entry fees

The entry fee has been unchanged and amounts to € 195,- excluding VAT (€ 235,95 including VAT). We need to have received the bank transfer before November 5, 2019 on IBAN: NL67INGB0008489321 in the name of BabyWereld BV, please make sure you include ‘Baby Innovation Award 2020’ in the description. After this you will receive an invoice. For a nomination a fee of  € 595,- excluding VAT is due for all promotional activities of the second part of the election and final of the consumer fair.


A professional jury will judge all product entries and decide on nominees in November. The professional jury consists of representatives and experts familiar with the baby market, consumer organizations and media. is an independent knowledge organization and will have an advising role during the award show. The chairman will not participate in voting. Moreover, a Mums Juryday will take place in January, organized in cooperation with the Negenmaandenbeurs. Here, mothers will be considering all nominated products. Finally, consumers will be able to cast their votes on and on the Negenmaandenbeurs and choose their favorite products among the nominees.

Promotion and publicity

By participating in the Baby Innovation Award you can expect the following in terms of promotion and publicity:

  • Media coverage for all entries through BabyWereld and
  • For nominees and winners: media coverage through BabyWereld,, and the Negenmaandenbeurs.
  • A spot at the Innovation pavilion at the Negenmaandenbeurs.
  • A chance at winning the Baby Innovation Award in 6 categories plus the Green Award and the Design Award.
  • Nominees will have the opportunity to demonstrate their product during the Mums Juryday of the Negenmaandenbeurs and have a chance at winning the Consumer Award with a promotional package for spending at the Negenmaandenbeurs as price.
  • Press releases which will be send to all relevant media.
  • Stickers with logo, certificates and digital logos for all commercial purposes for the winners and nominees. For Green & Design only winners in this category receive stickers.

Fairness of voting

The organization of the Baby Innovation Award has the right to test each participation for fairness. If misuse is detected, it will lead to irrevocable disqualification, deletion of illegitimate votes or blocking of profiles.

Products available for giveaways

For stimulating the online voting process to determine the top 5 of the Consumer Award, the nominees should make available one product for giveaways amongst consumer voters, this is to stimulate the voting process.

Liability for products

BabyWereld and the Negenmaandenbeurs in Amsterdam RAI will do everything they can to prevent theft or vandalism of exhibited products, but neither party will be liable for theft or any damage to the products.

Returning products

If products are not nominated they have to be picked up at the organisation within one month. For the return of the product costs can be charged. Uncollected products are used by the organization for other purposes, such as give away promotions, if not indicated by the submitter.

Intellectual property

The organization of the Baby Innovation Award has the right to deny entries, revoke nominations and disqualify participants when doubts about intellectual property rights and fair use arise. I.e. this is the case when the intellectual property rights are challenged and/or lawsuits can be foreseen.

Product submissions before November 5, 2019

Online entry submission and registration through  Submission of entry and products need to be received before November 5, 2019.
Products can be send to or delivered at: BabyWereld BV, Frederik van Eedenlaan 2, 1262 AB Blaricum, The Netherlands.
Please note: Products need to be ready for exhibition and need to be submitted including test results if possible. A request of demonstration at the professional jury can be made for technically complicated products.


BabyWereld BV is the organizer of the Baby Innovation Award competition. Correspondence address: BabyWereld BV, Baby Innovation Award, Postbus 151 1270AD Huizen, tel.035-5242398,,

Complaints and suggestions

For complaints of suggestions concerning the Baby Innovation Award you can contact us at

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