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consumer awardConsumer Award

The Consumer Award plays an important role during the award show. This is an extra award that is organized and will be awarded in cooperation with the Negenmaandenbeurs. All nominated products will be eligible for this award.

Procedure Consumer Award

If your product is nominated then you will be invited to join the Mums Juryday to showcase and demonstrate your product. For this event, the Negenmaandenbeurs will invite a group of mothers from across the country to look, compare and judge the nominated products in their respective categories.

Product demonstration

During this Mothers Juryday you will have the opportunity to present and demonstrate your product live to mothers and obtain direct feedback. This is valuable information as manufacturer or supplier!

The winner of the Consumer Award will be decided as follows:

The Negenmaandenbeurs Consumer Award will be determined by 50% of online votes and 50% of Mums Juryday. Winners will be announced at the Negenmaandenbeurs. A top 3 of the Consumer Award will be shown at the Negenmaandenbeurs.

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